Store Locator

Pin Your Location

You may have found your customer, but can you customer find you?

Digital Soul is a specialist in creating store locators for those businesses looking to help consumers find their closest outlet, store or branch. We build effective geographical store locators for websites, mobile optimised platforms, IVR systems etc. Digital Soul has partnered with the eHound platform and can provide a quality store locator on your website in DAYS.

We employ the latest technologies to ensure the best possible user experience. Our store locators are extremely easy to operate and require virtually no technical knowledge by the user. Users can also benefit from features such as address auto-complete and interactive maps.

The commercial benefits of the Digital Soul/eHound collaboration include:

  • Cloud location data management
  • Instantaneous reports on search activity
  • 'Click to Call' options
  • GPS integration to search from current location on enabled devices
  • SMS integration
  • Increased footfall
  • Filtering for specific brand operations

Digital Soul builds simple, yet powerful dedicated store locator systems that are fully customised to fit the look and feel of the appropriate site. All the maps and post/zip codes are kept up-to-date and our technical service includes customised markers, auto-complete for search field, bulk import and geo-code, store thumbnails and many other features.