Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Storm the Cloud

It's hard to argue with the service versus cost benefits of the AWS cloud platform from

In keeping with its philosophy of low-margin eCommerce, the global online retailer has invested billions of dollars into an infrastructure which provides premium cloud hosting at very attractive pricing. AWS has a strong array of resources, services and options which are being updated almost on a daily basis. These include:

  • Powerful capacities for compute, storage and database facilities
  • Instance usage and cost metric analysis
  • Cross-region database import/export

AWS has already been positioned in the 'Leaders Quadrant' for Cloud IaaS and Digital Soul is working with users looking to move onto AWS and begin taking advantage of its hundreds of servers with auto-scaling features available on a pay-as-you-use basis. AWS capability is vast; any sudden surges are easily dealt with as the Elastic Compute (EC2) instances automatically scale up to take the increased load.

As more users adopt AWS, the ongoing economy of scale means Amazon is continually lowering the cost of entry and we are happy to pass on these savings to our customers.