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About Us


Innovation, Simplicity, Responsiveness

zoozz allows anyone to make quick extra money while letting companies to take advantage of inexpensive but scalable workforce.

Our mission

  • allow companies to outsource tasks to zoozz workforce at a fraction of the cost
  • allow companies to increase their performance while dramatically lowering their costs
  • allow anyone to earn extra money by completing simple tasks
  • allow anyone to have more freedom and power than in most other jobs by allowing zoozz users to choose when, where and how much they work

zoozz - a future of way we should work

  • We want to see a world where working environments don't have cubicles and offices where managers are breathing down our neck.
  • We want to be able to work whenever we want and not forced into sitting out the 9 to 5.
  • We want to be able to work wherever we want to allow us not to waste hours in public transport or traffic and to allow us to spend this precious time with our kids and family.
  • We want to work on projects that we choose, to keep us motivated and let us do our best.
  • We want to be praised for our work and receive respect in return.
  • We want to be active and enjoy the time outside, meet new people and explore new places.