Cloud Computing

Cloud Services with Total Peace of Mind

Cloud computing may well be viewed as a vital service for modern enterprise but many organisations still have reservations about extending their existing IT capabilities in the cloud and moving data storage and software assets onto an external platform. Therefore, selecting the right cloud provider – and ensuring they are fit for purpose, is a crucial step for business.

At Digital Soul, we deliver secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud service solutions for any size of enterprise.

Our cloud technology capabilities and scalability help deliver profitability to business by eliminating the need for capital investment in PCs, servers and software. Equally, companies can scale their cloud services according to current commercial needs and only pay for the services they actually use across a given timeframe. The cloud offers the ability to increase capacity or add new capabilities in real time on an ad-hoc basis, without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software.

Digital Soul provides cloud-based services on a pay-per-use service basis which can be accessed via any global internet connection. Cloud infrastructure security is, of course, our priority and we can ensure this through strong encryption; specific user access; data location, access and segregation; disaster recovery and long-term viability.

Put simply, cloud computing has reduced the reliance on in-house hardware and software, but evolved the dependence of the connection between users and their data.

Digital Soul's experienced implementation and support staff enables end-users to fully utilise on-demand cloud services and we specialise in two distinct areas:

1. Software as a Service (SaaS) - delivery of a single application through the browser to thousands of customers using a multi-tenant architecture.

2. Cloud Hosting - No matter what size or complexity of requirement, our Rackspace Cloud provides the right tools for the job: from developing innovative apps to supercharging your e-commerce site, the scalability and flexibility of the cloud is within the reach of all.