Google Maps

Mapping out Success

Google Maps is one example of Geospatial Technology experiencing significant relevance in the commercial sector. For instance, one way businesses have drawn value from Google Maps is via Salesforce integration.

Google Maps is used by consumers locating and getting directions to a store or business which creates a lot of valuable and detailed behavioural insights. Google can provide companies with this data to help them make more informed strategic decisions. Google Maps for Business encompasses Google Maps Engine, Google Maps API and Google Maps Coordinate and represents an enterprise-ready geospatial tool that is scalable, user-friendly and easily integrated with other cloud services.

Digital Soul is a premier, Google Maps API development company. We develop and install custom solutions around the Google Maps technology suite including:

  • data and chart overlay on maps
  • generation of map based reports
  • heat maps, geo-area charts, scatter maps.

Equally, we can take the information available in Google Maps such as traffic, business listings, places of interest, etc. and add a commercial advantage.

Whether you need to visualise customer locations or their density in a particular region, the interaction of Google Maps can have a major impact on business operations. Connecting to backend data in Salesforce allows organizations to be more informed than ever.