Content Management System (CMS)

Programming Skills Not Required

Every business enterprise needs to manage some form of digital content: while the 'what' is down to the organisation, the 'how' is provided by Digital Soul's considerable experience.

At Digital Soul, we expertly build each website around a content management system (CMS) that allows clients to manage the site themselves once completed and handed over. This avoids having to involve a third party for all those necessary small changes that keep your company moving forwards.

No programming skills are required: your CMS tool enables you to manage everything from Document and Digital Asset Management to Content Update and other key tasks at the click of a button.

Smart organisations employ hassle-free CMS tools to integrate their web presence with other operations. Digital Soul provides the capability for companies to edit, delete, insert and modify their own content from a user-friendly administrative interface. CMS is a cost-effective tool which allows businesses to extract more value from their online channel and gain greater ROI on web marketing strategies.


While it started out in life as blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into an Open Source CMS platform with millions working with it every day. That is, it can be used for free commercially with no license fees and the reason why Digital Soul recommends its use.

WordPress is continually refined and offers subscribers an array of design and functionality through thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. The WordPress CMS interface is one of the easiest for businesses to adopt and is really only limited by your imagination. It has proved a perfect CMS option for companies which lack web development capability and want to make adjustments to their own site.

WordPress features are many and varied but the key benefits include:

  • Instant: changes to templates are posted immediately on your site, with no requirement for regenerating static pages.
  • Flexible: multiple site themes with completely different looks are available to switch with a single click.
  • Easy: installation, upgrades, importing, adding links…it's all very simple.
  • Secure: very robust security protects passwords, eliminates SPAM etc.