API Integrations

Get your Apps Talking

The inventory of business-appropriate Application Programming Interfaces (API) is increasing steadily and their careful integration on web and mobile systems so each new software component interacts effectively with existing applications is vital for IT departments.

Digital Soul has a growing portfolio of API functionality which allows us to simply and effectively integrate web applications into existing third-party applications, portals and websites. The benefits of API integration include:

  • Ease of integration: API's can be developed into any type of application environment saving time and reducing any risk associated with complex deployments.
  • Extend the value and reach of apps: API partners are aligned to services already provided which potentially increases revenues and user engagement.
  • Data stored locally with apps in the cloud: users can leverage the benefits of cloud computing while keeping documents stored on their servers.

Digital Soul can make it easier to integrate numerous 3rd party API's into your website or system and our partnership program is catered to your needs.

Whether you have an API or not; whether it's public or private; whether it's REST or Push; if you just need to integrate Google API, Twitter API, Facebook API, MailChimp API, Xero API or any other with your website, mobile app or system, Digital Soul has the experience and we can help.