System Integrations

Effective Integration means Business

In today's interconnected world, systems integration is increasingly important to business. Every organisation has a requirement to bring data and services together from a variety of different sources, often written in a variety of programming languages.

Systems Integration encompasses all IT support and installation services: everything from purchasing a new PC to developing the bespoke software to go on it. Those companies unsure of how Systems Integration can be of benefit should consider the following:

  • Does your business run different systems independently from one another?
  • Can you streamline your operations to be more efficient?
  • Do you need the ability to import data from system to system?
  • Do you wish you could share information across the enterprise?

Systems integration and application development projects are increasingly complex and require a wide variety of technical skills. Digital Soul is a systems integration specialist; our team provides the infrastructure expertise designed to enable your organisation to function more effectively.

The key technologies we cover include:

  • Deployment of infrastructure middleware across the internet, portals and server-based integrations
  • Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (e.g. Oracle, SAP)
  • Integration of specialist software and project management solutions
  • Cloud computing solutions based on leading-edge market systems
  • High performance mobile integrations
  • Full diagnostic and trouble-shooting validation.

Our ability to match customers' needs with existing integration products is helping many companies to successfully combine component subsystems into a whole and deliver significantly improved business functionality.