Social Media

Embrace the New Age of Conversation

Social media is delivering real commercial return for businesses of any size and nature. At Digital Soul, we help companies listen, understand and engage in social media dialogue with their customers.

As people spend less time consuming broadcast media and more of it having conversations through social media communities like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc., there is a fundamental need for brands to get involved. We help our clients achieve a solid social media strategy through consultancy, research and engagement.


Digital Soul will demonstrate the impact social media can have on your business and its communications and work collaboratively to implement a valuable social network strategy. We will create an umbrella social media approach, educate through bespoke training, identify the key commercial roles for specific social media platforms, design the dialogue programme and provide on-going social media advice.


Social media content and conversations have to be relevant to your industry, business, products, services and commercial goals. Via insight and research into current social media trends in the relevant industry sector, Digital Soul helps define the appropriate dialogue topics (plus the level of noise they create) and also qualify the pertinent issues and influencers driving the debates. This insight creates a robust programme of viable actions across each platform.


We deliver client/customer engagement on social media sites by having conversations that add value, are meaningful and create positive word-of-mouth around the brand. Digital Soul achieves this through community campaigns, advocacy strategies, social applications, brand equity management and straightforward conversation response.

Expertise in web and mobile technology alongside broad understanding of marketing communications provides us with an intuitive sense of how to get the best out of social media for our clients and is a service we deliver on a local, regional and global basis.