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Perform Tasks - Earn Money With Your Phone


Anyone using their iPhone can earn easy money

Perform simple tasks such as taking a photo, answering questions, acquiring GPS coordinates of a location or acting as a mystery shopper and get paid for it. zoozz is perfect for stay-home mums, students, teenagers or even work professionals, why not make some extra cash while stepping out for a coffee or while doing your daily routines.

Excited to learn how it works?

Simply download zoozz iPhone app to start exploring the tasks around you and you can start earning the money straight away.

The best part yet, it's FREE to join.

Find and perform tasks

Open the zoozz iPhone app and choose the task you want to perform. Then follow simple instructions and perform the required actions to complete and submit the task. Usually it takes only few minutes to complete.

It can be as easy as:

  • Checking the price of a product in a shop.
  • Taking a picture of venue.
  • Acquire GPS co-ordinates.

Get paid

Upon successful completion of these tasks you will get paid into your PayPal account on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Earn even more by gaining respect

The more productively you work, the more money you'll make and every time you complete a task you will gain our respect and we will award you with respect points. These points will allow you to unlock high paying tasks that can earn you up to $200 per task.

Gain some respect NOW by recommending your friends to join zoozz.

More freedom and power

zoozz offers you more freedom and power to earn extra money as part of your daily activities. You decide when and where you work, with no pressure. No cubicles or managers looking over your shoulder. Don't need to complain about the commute to work, zoozz brings work to you regardless of where you are. Be praised for your work and earn our respect every time. Be active and earn money while you enjoy your time outside. You can even earn money while spending time with your kids, going out with friends or while sightseeing on a holiday.

Sample tasks


Purchase anything in the shop, pay by credit card and see if the sales person verify your signature on the card.


Verify fuel price at petrol station and provide photographic evidence.


Check stock availability and make sure sale price is clearly visible.


Provide GPS coordinates of an ATM and submit a photograph of this ATM.


Provide a photo of Sydney Opera House to be used in GPS navigator.


Purchase any Sony headphones in the store and find out how knowledgeable the sales person is about the product or the service offered.


Purchase any Prada sunglasses and report back on salespersons approachability, brand knowledge, sale persistence and store presentation.