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How zoozz works?

How zoozz works

The future of work is on demand

zoozz allows anyone to make quick extra money while letting companies and individuals take advantage of our inexpensive but scalable workforce.

Welcome to the era of 'cloud' workforce where you have access to scalable on-demand workforce at your disposal but only pay after the set tasks have been successfully completed.

Zoozz Users Task Owners

With zoozz it is easy to earn extra cash by completing quick tasks right on your phone!

Join the ever-evolving global workforce and start earning money straight away. Simply by using your iPhone you can now employ yourself to perform tasks and earn in accordance. That’s right! You will be part of our revolutionary workforce with constantly expanding opportunities, so you have greater variety of tasks to choose from every day.

The quick tasks can be as simple as taking a photo, answering questions or acting as a mystery shopper and GET PAID for it upon successful completion.

zoozz is perfect for anyone with an iPhone. It has never been easier to get an extra paycheck by completing simple actions straight on your phone. You don’t even need to go far, new tasks are constantly added and there may be few to choose from right where you are! Why not convert your phone into a money making tool, plus you possess the control and freedom to work on what you like.

Don’t wait any longer, create a constant source of extra income, NOW!

Here’s how it works:

1. Simply download the app and sign up. It's FREE!
2. Explore the tasks around you and find the one you wish to do.
3. Complete and submit the task.
4. Upon successful completion of the task you get paid.

It has never been easier to find mobile workers to perform tasks anywhere in the country and report back right from the location.

1. Create a task

It only takes a minute to create a task and we have thousands of zoozz users all over the country eager to start working on it immediately. To create a task simply select a location, create list of actions and decide how much you want to pay for this task on its successful completion. Once you activate this task it becomes instantly available to zoozz workforce community. It is as simple as that, Request a Demo now!

2. zoozz user performs the task

Immediately hundreds of zoozz users that are within the proximity of the task are notified when the task is activated. Closest and most suitable zoozz user performs the task.

3. Get prompt results

Within hours, or sometimes even minutes, the task will be completed and results can be immediately reviewed. What used to take days will now take fraction of the time. You can get photos, reports or any other required information right from the location. Best of all, if you don't get the results you are paying for, we will credit the amount back into your account, simple as that.

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