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Create Tasks - outsource to zoozz workforce


On-Demand Scalable Workforce

  • Outsource to zoozz workforce at a fraction of the cost
  • You decide how much you pay for each task
  • Increase your performance while dramatically lowering your costs
  • Only takes a minute to create a task
  • Instantaneous results right from location
  • Get the work done to your acceptance level or don't pay for it

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Businesses are wasting millions of dollars every year paying for employee downtime. That's where zoozz comes into play. Why pay a yearly salary when you can pay per each completed task. zoozz offers a scalable on-demand workforce on hand as well as the flexibility and power of only paying per each completed task. There are hundreds of people that are already on location or just around the corner and ready to start the work immediately.

zoozz allows companies of all sizes to quickly deploy mobile workers that can send back data from the field.

1. Create a task

It only takes a minute to create a task and we have thousands of zoozz users all over the country eager to start working on it immediately. To create a task simply select a location, create list of actions and decide how much you want to pay for this task on its successful completion. Once you activate this task it becomes instantly available to zoozz workforce community. It is as simple as that, Request a Demo now!

2. zoozz user performs the task

Immediately hundreds of zoozz users that are within the proximity of the task are notified when the task is activated. Closest and most suitable zoozz user performs the task.

3. Get prompt results

Within hours, or sometimes even minutes, the task will be completed and results can be immediately reviewed. What used to take days will now take fraction of the time. You can get photos, reports or any other required information right from the location. Best of all, if you don't get the results you paying for, we will credit the amount back into your account, simple as that.

Ways to use zoozz

There are thousands of ways to use zoozz, here are few ideas:

City Councils

  • Verify traffic light is working
  • Verify road signs
  • Verify school zones

Brands and Distributors

  • Product companies can find out if retailers are properly featuring their products
  • Check stock of your product in shop which may be in another city
  • Running a promotion on your product, how well promo material is displayed in store
  • Make sure stock is presented properly and sale price is easy to see
  • Gather specific information about products and services
  • Validate prices at petrol stations

Photography of events and landmarks

  • GPS companies may be interested in points of interest photos, such as Sydney Opera House
  • Take photo of a festival

Compliance and regulations

  • Health authorities can check if restaurant has a current certificate
  • Check if staff adhere to policies, for example check ID when selling alcohol or cigarettes, or if they properly check credit card signature
  • Measure quality of service or compliance to regulation

Mystery shopping

  • Mystery shoppers perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.
  • Gather specific information about products and services

Geo-location information

  • Get exact geocodes of a particular location
  • Banks can get geocode location of an ATM

Validate jobs performed

  • Check if circulars were delivered
  • Shop owners while away on holiday or business can check if shop is open full working hours


  • Inspect property
  • Research price of product
  • Line in a queue